EOV – Down to Earth Elegance

The NEW Scent of All-Natural Beauty

Join hundreds of women and men as we celebrate a shift towards all-natural down to earth elegance with EOV eau de parfum. Let’s strive towards healthier traditions by choosing to wear an eau de parfum that is free from artificiality. What we put on our body matters.

Honor your body, challenge your mind and celebrate your spirit with the warm, floral, citrusy scent of EOV. Made in NYC, never tested on animals, and always providing its wearer with a sensuous holistic journey… Evolve with all-natural aromatherapy and wear EOV eau de parfum for a more elegant you on the inside and out.

Our rave reviews speak for themselves. Join us below.

Why should you choose an all-natural eau de parfum? Learn why EOV’s beautiful, chemical-free scent can mean more to your health than you think. Learn more here.

 EOV Customers Experience ‘Down to Earth Elegance’

“I feel elegant and feminine when I sprtitz myself daily with EOV. Knowing that its all-natural allows me to feel special because I’m taking care of my body at the age of 34 in this unique way…”
“I feel at peace when I wear EOV and I feel elegant when I’m comfortable in my own skin.”
“I feel “alluring” when I wear EOV and I feel elegant when I do something special while I get ready. A mist of EOV does the trick for me every time!”
“I feel confident, centered, focused and serene when I wear EOV. I feel elegant when I am aware of, and in touch, with the beauty of life, whether in me or around me.”
“I feel invigorated when I wear EOV. I feel elegant when I’m going on date night with my husband.”
“I feel like a standout, as I know I turn heads when I wear EOV. I feel elegant pretty much every day. The unique aroma of EOV fits right into that ‘regal’ part of my persona.”
“I feel elegant when I wear colors that suit me the most. I feel alive when wearing EOV! I have never gotten as many compliments when I have worn anything else.”

“I feel sexy when I wear EOV. I feel elegant when I wear pretty jewelry.”
“What woman isn’t searching for an alluring fragrance? E.O.V., A whimsical, flirtatious, romantic scent that makes you feel like Wonder Woman. I found it in the unique oils created by Essence of Vali. It’s more than a perfume. It’s a magic potion.”
-Joan Baker, Co-founder of Push Creative

EOV Rave Reviews

“I have been wearing this fragrance for 2 years now and would not wear anything else. It’s beautiful, calming, intoxicating and serene. It is the only perfume I have ever worn where men and women alike ask me what perfume I am wearing.” -Terri

“Long lasting, smells great!” -Pennie
“Sensational Scent!” -Tonya
“I love this perfume! I get so many compliments when I wear it.” -Rachel
“I have worn the same perfume for 30 years. When I first smelled EOV, I felt a pull. EOV is one of the most unique and sensuous fragrances I have ever experienced. I was given a few samples, and heads turned. Everywhere I went, people asked, “Who smells so good?” Men love it. Suffice to say, EOV is now my trademark perfume.” -R. Block
“Since wearing EOV perfume, I will never wear anything else again. It is refreshing, light, calming, and natural. I ALWAYS get compliments on this scent. I am a fan for life.” -C. Sanchez
“I stumbled across a carded sample of EOV in a local antique store! Some anonymous perfume enthusiast had recently donated a grab bag of niche perfume samples which I dully snapped up. Though unfamiliar with EOV, I am always eager for new experiences – and I couldn’t have been happier with this fortunate find. In terms of quality and beauty, it’s great to know that a holistically-designed fragrance can give commercial synthetic perfumery a run for its money! Pure chance brought me to EOV—and boy, do I feel lucky! Once again, thank you for creating this wonderful, natural olfactory work of art!”
“The scent is truly amazing and not over-bearing. I love just to use the spray to make the room smell great.” -Lunachick317 
“The perfume is so beautifully made, and of course the scent is simply breathtaking. I am proud to wear your product.” -Meg

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Our mists, diffuser blends and massage & bath oils are 100% natural and 100% vegan.
Our EOV botanical perfume oil and bath & body oils is also 100% natural and 100% vegan.
Our Relief Analgesic Balm and Sleep Bedtime Balm is 100% natural.
Our EOV botanical mist is 95% natural.
Our EOV eau de parfum is made with 8 essential oils in corn alcohol and water.