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Posted: Sep 26 2014

Essence of Vali was launched fourteen years ago. My line consisted of four blends (detox, calm, relief and sleep) and a bedtime kit for children. And slowly over time it grew to consist of ten blends plus our signature fragrance, EOV.

When I first started my company in the year 2000, our focus was on wholesale orders mostly for spas, hotels, specialty stores and catalogs. Every once in a while a consumer would call and place an order with me personally. About five years ago, we decided to add a shopping cart on our website and so the retail portion of our business was born.

I love being in touch with individual consumers and learning how they use our products and how they benefit from them. My wish is to create products that help people and make their life easier and sweeter and less stressful.

Since I started my company, I have had three different sites. The one you now see is the fourth and I love it. It was created by Elizabeth Barry and her talented team in Hoboken. Now we will be launching a fifth site that will enable you to order through your I-Phone and I-Pad.

The Essence of Vali site will be down Tuesday, September 30th and Wednesday October 1st. We are excited for you to experience our new site very soon.

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