Intimate, Personal Moisturizer for Women

Posted: Aug 11 2018

A friendship of longevity and purpose
Valerie Bennis and Rosalinde Block met in 1976, when Valerie was working for a large textile company and Rosalinde was performing in a piano bar.  They formed a bond that has lasted 40+ years.
As Rosalinde manages multiple careers in the creative arts, Valerie has been one of Rosalinde’s most faithful fans—supporting her as a musician, artist and writer. Twenty-four years ago, Valerie decided to study aromatherapy/ essential oils, getting diploma-certified, working as an apprentice, creating customized formulas for individual clients and eventually leaving the corporate world to launch her line to spas, wellness centers, hospitals, specialty retail stores and catalogues. Rosalinde created the original artwork for Essence of Vali. *It should be noted that Valerie’s company was the first to create a sleep remedy.*
Valerie and Rosalinde have been together through thick and thin—marriages, divorces, re-marriages, births, deaths—successes and failures.  Their circles of friends are diverse, yet they are forever in the wings for one another. They are confidantes. And what do these confidantes discuss? Girl stuff. You have to talk about everything with somebody!
Fast forward 40+ years to the summer of 2017, when Valerie and Rosalinde got into a conversation about post-menopausal sex and intimacy. Rosalinde had been celibate for 12 years; after care-giving her dying ex-husband and navigating her son through his fatherless teens, she wasn’t getting re-involved unless it was the real deal. She met her second husband in 2015, and unbeknownst to her, lovemaking did not feel like it had felt the last time—before menopause. Ouch! Valerie was divorced and was now in a romantic relationship, dealing with the same issues—the issues were in the tissues!
Valerie mentioned the idea of a healing balm that could be used to soothe all parts of a woman’s private area so that sex would not hurt during or after activity. Rosalinde took that idea to her kitchen stove and created the formula for Intimate, collaborating with Valerie to finalize the product as a personal moisturizer.  She tested it on herself, using it twice a day for a week. Suffice it to say, she and her husband were both very happy…! She gave a jar to Valerie, and she too felt instant relief. They then handed out test samples—the feedback was unanimous. It was now time to have Intimate manufactured, as it was perfectly positioned for a new spot in the already award-winning Essence of Vali product line. Intimate entered the market July, 2018 and has already made its way into boutique pharmacies and spas across the country, as well as being featured in articles and interviews.
The creation of Intimate was a spark of intuition by two alchemists who intend to enjoy the rest of their lives to the fullest. They want to share their product along with what they have learned with other women who have experienced this prevalent and personal issue, sometimes foregoing sex due to pain and discomfort. Opening a platform to discuss post-menopausal topics such as sex and intimacy, pain and relief, is the bedrock of Intimate. It is an important product--girl stuff for women of all ages.


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