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Posted: Aug 10 2016

Honey, Can You Turn Over, Please?

We all know the drill. We get into bed with our partner and suddenly, it’s 2 am and they’re tossing and turning. You get a bump here and a thump there and low and behold, it’s now 3 am and you’re both up, eyes wide open, blinking and wishing you were asleep.

What is keeping you up? Perhaps it’s stress, anxiety, work, school, kids, relationship issues. Whatever it may be, it’s keeping you up and your partner, too. 

It’s the age old story of “Don’t drink too much caffeine before bedtime,” or “Don’t stay on your mobile phone just before you sleep”, and BAM! You’re done for it. There’s no going back. You’re up, you’re partner’s up, and heck even the dog is up wagging his tail, thinking it’s time for a walk.

The truth is, you need a better sleep regime or you need a secret essential oil blend to keep by your bedside for those stressed out nights.

Please share this with all your married and non married friends who share a bed with a partner. Perhaps it can be your love potion as well, for waking up in good spirits with one another.

The SLEEP secret you’re looking for is our SLEEP concentrate. See it here:

Dab a drop on your pillow and fall fast asleep; especially during those traumatic nights of tossing and turning. Buy it for a loved one, or for yourself, or pass this post on to your women’s organizations or men’s card game group. Everyone wants and needs a good night’s rest.   That is what we wish for you.

With love,

Vali and Elizabeth



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