The Sleep Revolution

Posted: Jul 27 2016

The Sleep Revolution is Here

 For the past 16 years, Essence of Vali has been committed to the natural way of healing through essential oils and aromatherapy blends. Our SLEEP blend is by far our most popular and it’s an award-winning part of our story. 

We’re proud to introduce that as of August 1, 2016, we are dedicating our blog to help you heal with greater sleep. Please welcome our new SLEEP blog as your weekly ritual and reminder to get a great night's rest. In addition, I would like to introduce our new brand ambassador and Aromatherapist in training, Elizabeth Barry. Together, we will talk with clients, research new sleep trends and find ways to help you and your friends and family achieve sweet dreams.

 Elizabeth and I have made a vow to create a sleep revolution with the understanding that so many of us find it hard to get a good night’s rest. In our new SLEEP blog, you’ll find tips, advice, videos, interviews and ways in which we feel sleep is an essential part of a happy, healthy lifestyle. 

Where did we get this idea? After reading and feeling inspired by Arianna Huffington’s new book, “The Sleep Revolution-Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time”, we knew we had to make a bigger difference in the conversations between our clientele, and in the lives of our Essence of Vali fans who have thanked us for years for our SLEEP blend.

So, this is our commitment to you and your pillow. Please help share this important message with your friends to be sure to like our Fan page on Facebook where we will be posting blog updates.

Our SLEEP blend, created 16 years ago has helped thousands of people fall asleep easily and gently. “I was having trouble getting to sleep, tossing and turning— but within minutes after smelling the drop of oil in my pillow I WAS HEALED!!! SLEEP is an amazing product and it smells so NICE. I now have nights of blissful deep, restful sleep – thank you so much.” Shawn Shaffer (There’s many more…)

Let’s make THIS year, the year of SLEEP- for everyone in your life that’s been tossing and turning, groggy and sleepy, fussy and ill-tempered because of a lack thereof. Sleep is so vital to our health. So please join us in reading our blog, sharing relevant articles with friends and letting us know what you’d like to hear. 

But Shhhh… for now, we’re getting some rest for the big debut.

Sleep peacefully,

Vali & EB



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