Refresh Energy Gift Set

Refresh Massage & Bath Oil (2 oz):  Rejuvenating, energizing and uplifting. Massage well into the skin all over your body, or apply to specific areas. Use after bath or shower while skin is still moist to moisturize and scent the skin.Bath Oil - Fill tub and pour in 1-2 capfuls. Swirl water with hands to distribute oil evenly.

Refresh Energy Mist:  Rejuvenating and energizing essences will boost your energy during those mid afternoon slumps or any time you need a pick me up. All the essences come from the peel of fruit – very sunny and uplifting. Gently shake bottle. Mist around room to freshen air or use as a body spray, avoiding contact with face and eyes.

Purity:  100% Natural, 100% Vegan

Scent Description:  Citrus.

Manufactured:  NYC, NY. 

Ingredients: Lemon, orange & grapefruit essential oils. Base for mist: distilled water. Base for massage & bath oils: 100% pure golden pesticide free Jojoba. 

Cautions:  Do not swallow or spray in or near eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from eyes. Do not use if pregnant, except under the guidance of an aromatherapist.

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