Intimate - Personal Moisturizer for Women

Intimate is the ultimate expression of self-love and self-care— keeping ourselves healthy and rejuvenated from the inside out! 

Essence of Vali Founder & President, Valerie Bennis and Musician/Artist/Writer Rosalinde Block have been friends since the mid 1970s.  Over the years, these two friends and confidants have shared their innermost feelings about sex, love and relationships.  As they are both now in their 60s, these conversations have moved into a whole new arena – that being enjoying sex, love and intimacy in later years.

These two alchemists put their heads together and decided to create a moisturizer for a woman’s most private part, formulated with oils, herbs and butters that are 100% natural, mostly organic and totally safe to apply wherever and whenever needed. Think about it: we moisturize our skin whenever it feels dry. Why not moisturize ourselves everywhere?!  

Rosalinde created the formula for Intimate. Applying it twice a day, within a week, she experienced relief from the pain she was experiencing.  Her tissues felt nourished and healthy again.  She then gave a jar to Valerie to test, and she too felt the same relief.

Intimate contains ingredients helpful for all parts of the body. Rosalinde uses it daily on her eyes and her facial wrinkles. Her husband uses it if he cuts himself shaving. Valerie uses it on all areas of her body as well. Again, Intimate is not a lubricant, although it is also quite fun to use during lovemaking. 


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