The Story of SLEEP

SLEEP is one of the first blends I ever created. Before I launched the Essence of Vali line, I was custom blending essential oils for individual clients. A woman named Gail who struggled with anxiety and had difficulty sleeping peacefully came to me with her troubles. She was my source of inspiration to create SLEEP and as soon as I launched my line, this blend quickly became a best seller and has never faltered from that position. Today, hundreds of people from all over the globe appreciate and enjoy this aromatherapy blend that truly helps them relax, leave stress behind, and get a good night’s rest - the natural way.

In celebration of National Sleep Month, we hope you enjoyed learning about how we created SLEEP years ago and to date, it remains as our #1 best seller. Enjoy 20% off SLEEP products from March 1 through March 31 by using code “SLEEP” at Checkout.

This picture is hand-drawn and inspired by SLEEP, by Essence of Vali

I have been using Sleep drops and Soothing Mist for about 10 years. I first discovered Sleep when I had a medical problem and the medications caused insomnia. The soothing aroma helped me to sleep when prescription sleep medications could not. My wife and I love this product.” -R. Pintner.

I’m impressed! During the night I’ll wake up 3 to 4 times. Since I used the oil, I can now sleep more soundly and wake up only once, and will sleep up to 6 hours without waking up. I’m waiting for the day I can sleep the whole 7 hours without getting up.” -Johnny Gonzalez

I tried Sleep the other night at 2 in the morning after trying EVERYTHING else. I have bad insomnia. I couldn’t sleep. I put some Sleep concentrate in my pillowcase on a little piece of fabric and I was off. I’ve done it nightly since. If I do not PHYSICALLY remove the pillow from my bed when my alarm goes off I will drift RIGHT back to sleep. I officially SWEAR by this stuff. I’ve told a TON of friends about it already. I LOVE IT!” -Samanth

Just wanted to let you know how much I love your product “Sleep”. I bought it when I was in New York in April and I use it all the time. It is so relaxing and I love the blends of oils. I will be ordering more, and probably some of your other products too since I am so impressed with sleep. I use a lot of aromatherapy, and this is one of the best (if not the best) things I have used. Thank you for making such a fabulous product.” -Gail Clark

Sleep Tips from Dr. Anthony Salzarulo for Essence Of Vali

  • Ghee Milk:
    • In a glass of organic rice, coconut, hemp or almond milk:
      • Add 1 tsp organic Ghee (clarified butter) or organic coconut oil
      • Add ¼ tsp each of coriander, cumin, and cardamom. These can be purchased in most health food stores, or Indian spice shops.
      • Simmer until warm and drink before bed.
  • Foot massage: Rub each foot for 3-5 minutes each. One of Vali's wonderful oils can be used. 
  • Homeopathic Coffea Cruda is great if an active mind is keeping you from sleeping. This can be purchased in most healthfood stores. Take 5 pellets before going to bed.
  • A warm bath with 2 cups of epsom salts and 1 cup of baking soda
  • Gentle yoga. 10-15 minutes, to unwind the stress from the body
  • Body relaxation exercise: Click here for full excercise.
  • If there are issues with low blood sugar, make sure you do not have anything sweet or alcohol after 2 pm
  • The most important thing is to sleep in a dark room. If there are any electronics that are emitting light, unplug them. If the room is not dark, purchase blackout blinds or wear a sleep mask.

SLEEP is Approved by the Washington SPA Alliance.