EOV Eau de Parfum

I consider EOV my masterpiece blend! It was created over 10 years ago for a private client and I have always loved the aroma of this complex and enticing formula. It is personally my favorite perfume and I wear it year round. Where ever I go, people ask –“what is that perfume you are wearing?” 

Men and women can both enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and the pleasure of wearing a beautiful fragrance. Use as you would perfume, misting on pulse points. Some people also like to use it as a room spray.

Awards:  Best natural product, Fall Extracts Show 2004 NYC.

Scent Description:  Warm floral, slightly citrus, earthy and sensual and uplifting at the same time.

Packaging:  2 oz glass bottle with sprayer.

Manufactured:  Bronx, NY.

Ingredients:  Essential oils (from plants) of lavender, rosewood, cedarwood, patchouli, palmarosa, geranium, litsea cubeba and clove in a base of corn alcohol and water.

Rave Reviews: I have been wearing this fragrance for 2 years now and would not wear anything else. It's beautiful, calming, intoxicating and serene. It is the only perfume I have ever worn where men and women alike ask me what perfume I'm wearing.  - Terri


Please Note:  EOV Eau de Parfum is not available for international shipping.  The mist, perfume oil and bath & body oil are available for international shipping.