I Believe You Music CD


Due to certain events, a flood of memories came back to me of incidents that occurred on the streets of NYC when I was a teenager.   From the age of thirteen (growing up in Manhattan), my friends and I were routinely humiliated on the street by vulgar comments from random men. I remember to this day some of the things that were said and how they made me feel.

 I remember one particularly frightening incident when a group of boys surrounded me and groped me. They ran off laughing leaving me traumatized and alone. I never told my parents about what I was dealing with on a regular, ongoing basis.

Out of this flood of memories came a poem and then a song that Karen Jacobsen and I co-wrote and had professionally recorded. Karen composed the music and it is her voice on the recording. It is written as a healing song for survivors. The words were carefully chosen to speak to and soothe someone who has been traumatized. Karen and I hope it provides that for people around the world.

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