Your Mind

Challenge your mind, honor your body and celebrate your spirit with Essence of Vali natural products. Since the year 1994, our founder, Vali, has studied plant essences with various leaders in the aromatherapy industry to bring her blends to you. Having left a corporate career to bring intrinsic value to her life as well as the lives around her, Vali dedicates her daily routines to developing products that are 100% natural using the healing energy of plants to improve and enhance your health.

We sell to consumers exclusively through our website and offer wholesale agreements to hotels, spas, specialty stores and catalogues. On a daily basis, hundreds of clients rave about their better energy state, new pain free life and happier sleeping habits thanks to our products.

Vali stands by the company’s mission by living a healthy lifestyle that includes a diet of whole foods, regular gym workouts and restorative yoga. She believes that self-love and self-care are essential ingredients to maintaining health and wellness and her wish is to inspire individuals to take care of themselves which will ultimately help them age gracefully.

Our offices are located in a quaint townhouse on Christopher Street in NYC’s West Village, where many of our products are manufactured. Welcome to Essence of Vali...

May you always take impeccable care of your self.

Our mists, diffuser blends and massage & bath oils are 100% natural and 100% vegan.
Our EOV botanical perfume oil and bath & body oils is also 100% natural and 100% vegan.
Our Relief Analgesic Balm and Sleep Bedtime Balm is 100% natural.
Our EOV botanical mist is 95% natural.
Our EOV eau de parfum is made with 8 essential oils in corn alcohol and water.